RX Destroyer FAQs

How many tablets does each container hold?
The 64oz. container will hold up to 1500 tablets and the 16oz. will hold approximately 300 tablets

Can other dosage forms be put in the bottle?
Yes, including patches as long as they are removed from packaging and cut prior to putting in bottles/containers

Can controls and non-controls be put in the same bottle?
Yes, both controls and non-controls can be put in the same container

How long does a bottle usually last?
It will depend on the quantity and volume of the waste generated

What do I do when the container is full?
The Rx Destroyer was developed to be disposed in common trash

How many days is shipping?
3-4 business days after the order is placed and processed

Can I schedule a particular day for shipping?
Yes, we are happy to schedule deliveries for a certain day

What if I receive my product and it is damaged?
Once notification is received of damaged goods, a replacement shipment will be delivered between 2-3 business days (Keep all packaging materials of damaged items - UPS will pick up)

Can I see what I have ordered?
Yes, with each order, you will receive a receipt of payment with verification of the order and a UPS tracking number

Can I cancel my order? And if so, up to how many days from getting a confirmation?
Yes, you will have 24 hrs in which to cancel your order from the time/date of the original order

Do I get a full refund if I cancel?
Unfortunately, we are not able to give you a full refund but will give you the difference between the charge and a 15% restocking charge

What are our hours for taking orders?
Monday-Friday, 9-5 p.m. CST

How exactly does the RX Destroyer work?
For the mechanism on how it works, how medications are rendered non-retrievable and for more test data,  click here.