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Antibiotic-resistant bacteria − a serious threat to public health, the economy!

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In the US, more than 2 million Americans develop resistant infections to antibiotics annually, causing deaths and an estimated $20 billion dollars/annually to healthcare costs. MTS has a coordinated initiative combining education and tools to promote the appropriate use of antibiotics aimed at improving patient outcomes, reducing resistance and decrease the spread of infections caused by multidrug-resistant organisms through our efforts and investments.

Older Adult and Falls: Deadly But Preventable

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Medications commonly used to treat health conditions can contribute to falls, particularly shortly after starting them. Safety is a priority for the healthcare team.  Safety means avoiding, preventing, and lessening the effects of harm and injury. Within nursing centers, one of the biggest safety challenges is preventing falls. Research shows that three of every four nursing center residents fall each year, and the average resident has two to three falls per year. Most nursing centers have more than 100 falls per year. 2,3,4


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