Conultant Pharmacist Texas

Anyone who takes medication these days for any condition, particularly elderly patients, know how tough it is to manage all the different kinds of medication their doctor gave them. If you’re looking for a consultant pharmacist in Texas, Medication Therapy Solutions offers advice and assistance with managing your medication effectively.

What is a consultant pharmacist?

The field of pharmacy has expanded a lot the past few decades, and today there are numerous specializations within the occupation of a pharmacist. There are even pharmacists dedicated to certain diseases or medical treatments, such as chemotherapy pharmacists. Though consultant pharmacist might sound familiar, the ones you’ve most likely come across are retail pharmacists (they dispense medication at retail drug stores) and clinical pharmacists.

A consultant pharmacist’s main role is to manage and audit medications for patients, particularly elderly ones. Today, even the most trivial condition requires numerous medications for its treatment, and it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of all of them. This is where consultant pharmacists help, by ensuring that patients are taking the correct kinds of medications, at the right time and correct dosages.

Improperly managing medications could have fatal consequences. For example, patients could take the wrong medications or incorrect dosages at the wrong times. If there are several drug types in a patient’s treatment, they need proper evaluation to ensure they don’t interact and cause fatal side effects.

Who should use a consultant pharmacist?

Consultant pharmacists are especially beneficial to older patients or patients who don’t have the physical or mental capacity (for example cancer patients getting chemotherapy) to organize their medications properly. The ones who need and use the services of a consultant pharmacist the most are senior patients. If you’re looking for a consultant pharmacist in Texas, contact us to see how we could assist you.

Senior citizens (people over the age of 65) make up just 13% of the US population yet consume 40% of all prescription drugs. As a result, they experience the most drug-related hospitalizations, with over 28% of seniors hospitalized because they didn’t manage their medications properly. A consultant pharmacist can significantly reduce the risk of this happening.

The benefits of a consultant pharmacist

As we know, a consultant pharmacist is responsible for managing and assessing your prescribed medications correctly. It’s easy to make small, but fatal mistakes when taking your medications, leading to serious health issues. There could also be errors in your treatment, such as two drug types that can interact and cause major side effects.

Consultant pharmacists can organize your medications in a manner that’s easy for you to manage, with proper labelling and packaging of medications. They could also take into account other challenges in your life, such as financial challenges. So, they can replace a drug with something more affordable but equally effective.

If you’re a senior citizen or have a debilitating health condition, organizing your medications can be daunting. Medication Therapy Solutions offers the services of an experienced consultant pharmacist in Texas who can help optimize your medication treatments for your health.

Conultant Pharmacist Texas
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