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Many people, particularly geriatric patients, struggle with managing the several types of medication they should be taking for an illness or condition. If you are searching for a pharmacy consultant in Texas that can help you or a loved one with medication management, contact us, at Medication Therapy Solutions, today.

What does a consultant pharmacist do?

There are many specializations and terms in the pharmaceutical occupation today, ranging from retail pharmacist to consultant pharmacists. A consultant pharmacist, also known as a senior care pharmacist provides services such as counseling and medication management services for elderly patients. Technically, a consultant pharmacist can provide these services to any demographic, but senior citizens are the ones who need them the most.

They ensure that their patients are taking the correct medication, at the right time and the proper dosages. They can advise both their patients or their caregivers. They review current medication regimens and ensure that the many drug types don’t interact together to produce adverse side effects in patients.

The most important responsibility of a consultant pharmacist is to customize medication treatment to each patient. They need to look at every patient holistically and ensure that their medications complement their lifestyles, specific health issues, and financial constraints. Some patients might react badly to a common drug for a specific illness so that a consultant pharmacist will take this into account.

Where do consultant pharmacists work?

Consultant pharmacists work in any facility that caters for geriatric patients or vulnerable individuals. For example, they work in settings such as assisted living facilities, hospices, hospitals, home care, nursery homes, post-acute care, rehabilitation centers, and mental health centers.

Our experienced pharmacy consultant in Texas will cater to hospices, assisted living centers, long-term or post-acute care, ambulatory surgery centers, and transition of care. The notion of 'transition of care' refers to periods where patients move from medical facilities to home care. We ensure that patients get the affordable, effective medication right at the start of their treatment.

Why consultant pharmacists play a crucial role

Despite vast improvements in medical care over the years, accidents resulting from improper use of medication are rampant. Majority of these incidents occur among senior citizens, who only make up 13% of the US population but use 40% of all prescription drugs. Approximately 28% of seniors who ended up in the ER due to severe drug reactions.

You’d probably think it’s easy to manage medications, as it’s just a matter of reading labels and being diligent. However, when you have several health issues, and you’re taking multiple medications for them (both prescription and OTC), things can get quite complicated. A consultant pharmacist can assess all your medications to ensure you’re only getting what you need. The assistance of a professional is ideal if you want to avoid dangerous drug interactions.

If you or your loved one is having trouble maintaining their medication regiment, we can help. At Medical Therapy Solutions, our pharmacy consultant in Texas will offer a variety of counseling and medication management services to senior and vulnerable patients.

Pharmacy Consultant Texas
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