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ASCs are an independent part of the healthcare industry. They offer vital outpatient services available to patients who have undergone surgery. These healthcare units are significant progress because of their widespread availability and cost-effective pay strategies.

The Ambulatory Surgery Center Association reported that the cost of post-surgery services went down by $38 billion after the introduction of ASCs. This study was undertaken by HealthSmart and Bluebook, who noted that more people were opting for ASC services, instead of the traditional hospital programs. The research on more than 400,000 patients across the United States.  

What you need to know about ASCs at Medication Therapy Solutions

  • We comply with the DEA and TSBP regulations
  • All our licenses are updated and easily verifiable
  • We have approval licenses from inspections by AAAHC and CMS
  • We have well-documented manuals of our medical plans
  • The management committee has active participation with the working office
  • Patients get complete education of the use of medication, side effects, and management of symptoms that follow surgery

What are Ambulatory Surgery Centers?


These are facilities that accommodate surgeries which do not require admission into a hospital. Patients arrive at the ASC in Dallas on the day of the procedure and remain there until the medical professional signs their release. The medics include the full array found in a hospital such as surgeons and nurses. Our ASC facility accommodates patients of all ages and gender variations.

They do not provide primary care

The nature of these centers does not permit them to offer regular diagnostic services. Patients must go through a specialized medic before booking an ASC appointment at Medication Therapy Solutions. The ASC provides services that were detailed by the preceding professional, such as eye surgery and colonoscopy. Most ASCs have specialized operating rooms that do not offer examinations to patients.

They serve small communities

ASCs do not have the equipment or space to help a whole state. They will often cater to a small group of people, such as a small part of town. Most of them will have an employee count of not more than 100. This setup allows the staff to provide specialized care to patients. The medical team has a flexible work schedule and aims to understand each patient on an in-depth level.

They offer small-sized services

You will not find an ASC in Dallas that provides brain surgery services. Standard procedures include eye surgery and light orthopedic procedures. GI procedures like colonoscopy and endoscopy are available since they require minimal aftercare and medical resources. ASCs have authorization not to treat urgent medical conditions or life-threatening conditions.

ASCs are cost-effective

Studies show that patients pay approximately seventy-five percent more for outpatient services in a hospital than they do at an ASC. Medicare noted the financial benefit of ASC and began expanding their coverage options. Currently, Medicare subscribers can get up to 3500 types of treatment from ASC at Medication Therapy Solutions.




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